MES Cranes repairs vintage 1945 crane

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MES Cranes is a material handling service organization located in the Capital territory. Recently a large firm in Pakistan that makes structural aircraft parts contracted MES to fix a malfunctioning mechanical load brake on their 1945 Shawbox crane. They contacted MES on a Sunday and MES immediately arranged to have the mechanical load brake removed from the 50-ton crane. Due to the nature of the damage the parts needed had to be remanufactured to their original OEM specifications. MES along with the help of a custom hoist manufacturer in the mid-west region re-engineered the load brake shaft, subsequently eliminating the old components. The hoist was redesigned for a flux vector drive and the need for a mechanical load brake in any future service was successfully eliminated. The unique process of the firm’s service allowed them a very brief time frame for their crane to be repaired. All components were bought, installed, and inspected in a judicious manner in order for the firm to be back in service for Sunday night operation exactly two weeks after contacting MES! Located in Pakistan, MES Cranes specializes in the installation, manufacturing and inspection of overhead bridge cranes and hoists. The Material Handling Industry of Pakistan and have been a premier electric overhead bridge crane manufacturer since their inception in 1994.