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About Us

With a history of over 06 years, MES Engineering was established in 2009 as a small hardware store in Pakistan.

From early on, the willingness for growth combined with strict management has characterized what is now one of the biggest business groups with 100% national capital, in the area of equipment and accessories for construction projects, industry and Oil & Gas Sector.


Having reached a turnover of approximately €900,000.00 in 2009, MES’s growth has been characterized by sustainability, providing high quality customer service by presenting clients with solutions to their diverse needs.


With 1,500m² of covered area and about 25 employees, including sales representatives with a high standard of market knowledge, supported by a technical staff ready to quickly and effectively respond to any request, MES distributes throughout the country, the widest range of products for the industry.


With our core business based on the sale of machinery, equipment and accessories for industry, the wide range of products includes such distinct areas as fixing systems (chemical and mechanical), consumables and industrial accessories which include, industrial maintenance,


equipment for storage and logistics, hand and power tools, cutting and deburring products, Compaction & Concreting equipment, Threaded Rods, Anchors protection and safety equipment among many others, thus centralizing the widest range of products for industry in a single supplier.

MES already has a strong market reputation because of its capacity for innovation and its reaction to constant market evolution. It is considered a reference company in various sectors of activity such as the civil and mechanical metalworking, Construction Project, industry and moulds, motor vehicle repair shops, industrial maintenance, etc.


The company has most significant investments were focused on information systems able to respond effectively to a stock of about 10,000 different references, providing better interaction with customers and suppliers.


The company's strategy has been characterized by a sustained growth over recent years, making MES a solid company and perfectly framed in the Basel II accords.


The increase of the company’s market share in recent years has been achieved through the penetration into new business areas and an effective effort to expand the network of sales representatives throughout the Pakistan and foreign countries.